All Black Summer Outfit

“Aways dress your best, you never know who you are going to meet.”

– Unknown

This piece of advice is literally one of the best advice I’ve ever taken. I try to remember this each time I get ready in the morning…. And it HAS paid off!! I met my amazing fiance at the gym after all! 😂

Thankfully, looking your best is easy when you stock your closet with basic pieces that you can easily throw on and instantly make you look chìc without any effort! For today’s post, I wore a comfortable black romper that I styled with a fun choker, a western belt and a panama hat. This romper has endless possibilities and can be one of your go-to outfits when you just don’t know what to wear! Check it out! You can shop my look at the end of my post!  😘
Here’s a bonus picture of me with my beautiful mother! 🙂
Photography by Krizelle :

Xoxo riozelle