2022 was a year of highs and lows. This ended up longer than I planned and it might be trigger warning for some but I really wanted to document it somehow. In January, we got the keys to our new home! We actually closed on our new home outside the title company in separate vehicles because Christopher had COVID -which I also ended up getting! 😒 Started renovations on the new home in February then on Valentine’s Day, we found out we were pregnant for the first time and we couldn’t be happier! In March, we started renovations on our first home… we also sadly lost the baby (which was SO hard). In April, we officially moved to our new home AND I found out I was pregnant again! 😭❤️ Then a few days later, I had to take my Dad to the emergency room and spent a few days there. We ended up taking him to Dallas for surgery but everything went well! In June, we rented out our first home and officially became landlords! 🎉 In July, we had our gender reveal and found out we were having a baby boy! 💙 Went to Cancun in August with my family. Baby moon trip with Christopher to Dominican Republic in September. Went to our dream trip to Costa Rica for our four year wedding anniversary in October. Oh and my sisters and I were approached by a TV producer to follow our lives on a reality show? 😂 We were probably not interesting enough though 😂😂😂. November, we were given the most beautiful baby shower by my family and celebrated 12 years of being together with Christopher. 😍 For December I hosted Christmas at my house and l ended the last two weeks of the year with 2 closings and 2 new contracts. Had one last showing on New Year’s Eve and I ended up writing a new offer! For 2022, I personally helped over 20 families sell and find their new home. I love real estate so much and I pray I get to have another great year even though I’ll also have a new job as being a Mommy! There’s nothing more fulfilling than helping families find their perfect home or sell the home they raised their family in. Most of my business came from client referrals/repeat business and if you’re one of them, you have no idea how much of a blessing you are to me! 2022 is probably my one of my happiest and hardiest year of my life but I couldn’t be grateful enough because we felt God’s presence every step of the way. Praying everyone will have a great year in 2023! 😊